Friday, 28 February 2014

Easy Method to Use WhatsApp on PC without Installing BlueStacks

We already said about WhatsApp features and How to get WhatsApp on PC by using BlueStacks. But to use BlueStacks why do you need to download and install BlueStacks in your Windows Machine like me, then this page will help you to get WhatsAPP without BlueStacks Software.

Steps to Get WhatsApp on PC without BlueStacks

There is Software Named Wassapp, which is best software to help use WhatsApp on PC. If you are install BlueStacks Android Emulator, it will take lots and lots of resource from your system and make your system little slow. So you have to spend more resource for simple application. Now there is no need to spend that much resources usage to a simple application, by using this simple WassApp Application

Another Method to Install WhatsApp on PC
  1. Download Wassapp from here

  2. Install Wassapp in your Windows Machine [Support Windows XP SP2 and higher, Windows 7, Windows 8, .Net FrameWork]

  3. Check your Internet Connection and open Wassapp Application.

  4. Click Register Button and Enter your Number.

  5. Next Enter your IMEI Number of your Phone. [Type *#06# to get IMEI in your phone]

  6. Select Code via SMS

  7. Click Request Code Button.

  8. After Receiving the Code from DM-WHTSAP, Enter the Code.

  9. Now Enjoy the WhatsApp on PC, very easily